we build trust

HashNex is a configurable cloud ledger, for building transactional trust and digital intimacy on blockchain technology. 

"Trust is not a commodity"

Blockchain Middleware


We provide a SaaS platform that can integrate existing systems and databases to exchange immutable blockchain records for provenance and chain of custody. 

Blockchain Prototyping

A configurable data architecture and ledger ecosystem that can be configured to model business use cases of blockchain. 

Smart Contract Execution

A trigger based workflow and task execution platform that responds to the collective events captured in the blockchain record. 

About Us

Driven to Solve

We build bespoke solutions to challenging business problems that require broad participation and contributions to secure and immutable public ledgers. 

Agility at our Core

We have a single minded dedication to solving challenges in a pragmatic, cost effective and friendly manner. We build on existing tools to delivery quicker. 

Experience and Ingenuity

The team is comprised of industry experts from international trade,  supply chain, financial risk, sustainability and information technology. 

Client Area Access