ACE for Vertical Farming

Agriculture in Controlled Environments

ACE is designed to support the growing of produce in controlled conditions such as sealed cycle hydroponic farms and vertical farming using blockchain. 

This platform (HashNex) can track the process stages in a single environment on a single private ledger accessible via the internet 


•Ordering of seed stock 

•Monitor of stock in locations/processes

•Capture of data for planning and scheduling

•Full traceability of seed to stock to packing flow 

•QR code search and stock per product and location 

•User specific functions 

•Smart contract flow control from one process step to the next 

•Packing and Shipment forecasting 

•Seed ordering suggestions 

•Location optimisation and scheduling 

•Retail user traceability and growing information (publish to web)

•Integrated XML purchase orders, payments, sales and cash receipts

•Crop yield monitoring data collection and analysis (real time) 

•Integrated power consumption monitoring 

ACE is a tailored configuration of the HashNex blockchain platform.