En Primeur

A Forward Contract Solution for the Wine Industry


We have configured a blockchain techology blockchain technology based solution that can track and trace in an immutable (unchangeable) encrypted ledger 

This platform (HashNex) can track the process stages in a single environment on a single private ledger accessible via the internet 

HashNex can be adapted to track and trace the provenance and title of any range of assets, combining the relationship between the physical world and digital assets 

Proof of allocation and ownership in the case of En Primeur wines, is one possible use case for the platform

Provenance of the physical asset is recorded to create the digital equivalent in the public ledger, from here these items can then be traded, traced and exchanged with other participants in the platform

We believe this solution integrates well with complex business environments that require the processes buy, sell and move assets but with incontestable data records and full traceability of activities in the ownership process

 En Primeur is a tailored configuration of the HashNex blockchain platform.