Key Features

Configurable Ledger

A configurable ledger data model, allowing the user to profile and build bespoke use case data ledger specific to the user's requirements. 

Dynamic User Forms

Users forms for data capture dynamically adapt to changes in the foundation data architecture. 

Flexible Smart Conract

Users can structure paper based contracts in a digital format and map the required steps out as a workflow to reaching a commercial conclusion.  

Real Time Business Intelligence

Integrated business process and operational performance statistics in a graphical format, defined by user prefernces.

GPS and QR Code Driven

Quick Response (QR) codes generated by HashNex can be attached to physical items and scanned to add GPS tracking and recording traceability events. 

Private or Public Ledger

Permissioned distributed ledgers with action and view level security control and public transparent solutions for deriving consensus and shared trust.